Waiting and waiting and…


I hate waiting.  Waiting without any hint of an end date is painful, agonising.  Even worse if there’s no promise that there will ever be one.  Another time I remember the waiting being frustratingly drawn out was when I was pregnant.  The last few weeks seemed to take an eternity to pass but at least with that waiting I was guaranteed of an end point.  There had to be a final date, and even if I didn’t know exactly when that would be it was unlikely I would still be waiting around a month after my due date.

But with this… well, this type of waiting could go on for ever and ever and ever…waiting

I could still be waiting for a positive response from an agent in 1, 2 or even 10 years from now. *sigh*

Therefore, so I don’t go mad, I’m continuing to edit The Muse.  I’m up to chapter 4 out of 25 so far.  It’s possible I’ll start a painting tomorrow (and video it on time-lapse), so the going might be a bit slow.  There definitely aren’t enough hours in the day. When The Muse has had its major overhaul I then get to start submitting it.  Yay, more waiting!


About Rohsaan McInnes

I am an aspiring author and this blog will take you along on my journey to getting published. I live in Victoria, Australia, in a seaside town where you can walk to the main street and can hear nothing but the waves at night (plus someone's cockatoo 2 or 3 blocks over-which incidentally, I like). Oh, and did I mention I have four children. :-)
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2 Responses to Waiting and waiting and…

  1. Mia says:

    There are different categories of waiting too, so I empathise with it the agaony of waiting to have one’s work recognised. Imagine what will happen when the waiting comes to an end!


  2. Mia says:

    Sorry about the spelling mistake, what kind of editor am I! 🙂


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