It’s finally happened! No not publication, sadly, but The Muse has finally reached 30,000 reads on Wattpad! – https://www.wattpad.com/user/LadyWinter11

Although it still needs a serious edit, my readers seem to really like it, and regularly write me flattering messages about how much they love the series.


I very much enjoyed your first book. Have to say it was great, 
every chapter was more and more entertaining :) I really do 
hope you carry on writing the sequel!! 


Just read the muse and what's finished of the sequel- Both are 
really really great, and I love how relatable winter is- how 
you manage to portray the thoughts and feelings, the wanting 
to be desired and being pulled into multiple directions at once.
I am her age and she is probably the first fictional girl I read 
about who actually thinks similarly to me- I would live to hear 
the rest of the story!

I also regularly get requests for me to hurry up and post the next chapter of book 2.  I am reluctant to post the entire book 2 though, because I’d like to finish the editing of it and put The Muse and The Cafeteria Lawn for sale on Amazon.  If only there were more hours in the day, I would have them both ready quicker.

Anyway, still writing…



About Rohsaan McInnes

I am an aspiring author and this blog will take you along on my journey to getting published. I live in Victoria, Australia, in a seaside town where you can walk to the main street and can hear nothing but the waves at night (plus someone's cockatoo 2 or 3 blocks over-which incidentally, I like). Oh, and did I mention I have four children. :-)
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