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I am an aspiring author and this blog will take you along on my journey to getting published. I live in Victoria, Australia, in a seaside town where you can walk to the main street and can hear nothing but the waves at night (plus someone's cockatoo 2 or 3 blocks over-which incidentally, I like). Oh, and did I mention I have four children. :-)

It’s for sale!

Finally, I’ve finished the cover and now The Quadrants is for sale on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. It’s taken forever to get it to this stage, it would have been so much easier with a publisher to organise … Continue reading

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I’ve finished it… sort of.

The Quadrants is for sale!! But so far only the ebook version, sorry. The cover of the print version has been difficult to perfect, but I expect it to be available in a week and a half. If you know … Continue reading

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Beach walks and day dreaming

This is where I walk most evenings.  I know, it’s nice isn’t it?  I used to run along the beach until I broke my leg a few months ago.  I suppose the only up side of a broken leg was … Continue reading

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The boy in the Painting

A  few things have happened this week with my writing.  First, I’ve decided to change the title of my book The Muse, because unfortunately, in  2016,  Jessie Burton got in ahead of me and stole the title.  I think of … Continue reading

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Next book

While writing The Quadrants, I spent months getting into the fantasy genre.  I had never been a fan of X-men, Lord of the rings, the Avengers or any fantasy-type book at all.  I wrote the first draft as a blank … Continue reading

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It’s finally happened! No not publication, sadly, but The Muse has finally reached 30,000 reads on Wattpad! – Although it still needs a serious edit, my readers seem to really like it, and regularly write me flattering messages about … Continue reading

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Real life distractions

So I’m sitting here trying to write, listening to my two youngest kids arguing over whether or not the curtains should be opened in the kids’ lounge.  It’s like a gamers’ dungeon down there and our 2 pet rats, whose … Continue reading

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First lines in literature

I entered a pitch slam competition recently where 3 judges each read your work and gave feedback on your 35-word pitch and the first page of your novel.  One of these judges suggested I add a prologue to place the … Continue reading

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Encouragement from J.K. Rowling

I found a blog this week on what it was like for J.K. Rowling when she was writing the Harry Potter series.  I’ll just post part of it here, but for the rest follow this link to the original site: … Continue reading

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Waiting and waiting and…

…waiting. I hate waiting.  Waiting without any hint of an end date is painful, agonising.  Even worse if there’s no promise that there will ever be one.  Another time I remember the waiting being frustratingly drawn out was when I … Continue reading

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