The Quadrants


Sixteen-year-old Rohan Fraser is lanky and not very brave, but recently he has noticed a change coming over himself – he is becoming unnaturally strong.  Scared and confused, he wants answers. Eve, Rohan’s best friend, suspects something is going on, and assumes Titus, the school bully, is the cause of it.

Rohan soon discovers that Titus has a strange secret of his own, and he unlocks for him the secrets of the Quadrants—an underworld of people with a set of powers, according to which of the four Quadrants they are born to.

But the Quadrants are becoming restless.  They are on the hunt for a child who might be the Demidium—one possessing two sets of powers.  Rohan is targeted, believed to be this Demidium, and the friends set off into the Quadrants to set things right.  The journey will test the limits to which each of them are willing to go for a friend, especially when it becomes apparent that returning home may not be as simple as it first seemed.

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