The Muse


When Winter McArthur starts university she meets Reuben Beaumont, an alluring young man in her painting class. She is fascinated by him and his incredible artistic talent, but his extreme shyness makes it difficult to get close to him.

Winter soon meets Henry, Reuben’s self-assured elder brother, and his desire for her is clear.  Should Winter allow herself to be seduced by Henry, or wait for the brooding Reuben – however long that might take?

But something doesn’t seem quite right about the Beaumonts, and as Winter struggles to make her choice between the brothers, she descends on a path to discovering far more than she intended.

Set amongst the sprawling grounds of Melbourne University and the Beaumont estate, The Muse will keep you captivated until the very end.

**A cross between Twilight and A room with a View.**

Click here for an excerpt from The Muse.

Here are some comments from an earlier draft of The Muse shared on Wattpad-

"This is one of the best books i've read's just amazing. 
Thank you for sharing it with me"
"I wanted to say that while reading your book I heard Australia.
The bush was so loud. I could hear the cicadas and feel the heat. 
Your book sounded like so many Aussie movies sound-Not much music 
in the soundtrack but so many flies and silence and space and heat."
"I really loved this story, it was different from everything I've 
read and very catchy!"